Wooden bath tubs for modern interior design

Wooden bath tubs for modern interior design  name

01 Dec 2020


Also known as 'Ofuros' which means bath tub in Japanese, the deep structure and straight lines create a beautiful aesthetic appearance of a hand-crafted, warm, natural timber bath tub which is becoming more popular in the western modern contemporary interior scheme.

Used for sitting and soaking in as opposed to lying down, the benefits focus on providing the individual with a relaxing, almost therapeutic experience believed to cleanse oneself of different impurities and improve blood flow.  In line with this, wood is the preferred choice for its natural minerals that are extracted by the hot water and provide the bather with several health benefits.

Fragrant woods like Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, and Teak are often used.  The lemon/ginger scent of the Hinoki wood is aromatherapy at its best.

The timber tub can be fitted with Western-style fittings and what more is the timber baths can be treated with high end clear coating so that washing with soaps won’t stain the natural timber. 

Essential Plumbing + Gas Ltd are producing Cupressus Macrocarpa Wooden Soaking Tubs.

Please contact us on our office email address above for Sizing and Pricing, as well as Wooden Bath Accessories.


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