Rheem Hot Water

05 Aug 2019

As proud installers of NZ’s most popular hot-water brand, 'Rheem hot water systems' have become so advanced you have many options to choose from. 

Below are three of the most popular hot water system installations, however the Rheem Heat Pump Water Heaters and Boiling and Chilled water units are also highly recommended.


Electric Cylinder 

Mains Pressure Electric Water Heaters

  • Top performance under a wide range of conditions.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet New Zealand's energy performance standards.
  • Hot water delivery of more than 40 liters a minute, enough to meet the needs of most households.
  • High quality insulation allows optimum water temperature to be maintained longer, saving energy and ultimately saving you money. 
  • Rated at a maximum of 1000 kPa water pressure.
  • Also suitable for unequal pressure and low pressure uses.



Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem continuous flow gas water heaters deliver hot water when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Working differently from traditional storage water heaters, continuous flow water heaters only heat water on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed.

 They are ideal for homes with high peak loads or when hot water is required occasionally such as at a holiday home.


  • Flamesafe overheat protection 
  • 6 star energy rating 
  • Digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service 
  • Frost protected down to –20°C
  • Rheem EZ Link® compatible to link two units for increased delivery 
  • Optional remote temperature controllers

All Rheem Gas Continuous Flow products comply with legislative requirements (Gas and Electrical Certification Amendments 2013) For more information please visit the NZ Energy Safety website



Solar Water Heaters

Rheem Premier Solar is an indirect solar water heater.

  • Designed for a wide range of environments and suitable for most water qualities.
  • Combines revolutionary drain back heat exchange technology in a durable vitreous enamel lined mains pressure cylinder.
  • Fully integrated system of solar hot water cylinder, electronic controls and sensing of the collectors ensure the available energy is used in the most effective way.
  • Combined with Rheem high efficiency collectors, this system can cut water heating energy consumption by up to 70%. This means lower costs and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Slim line collectors are roof mounted, while the larger capacity storage cylinder is located at ground level indoors or outdoors.


For more information, visit the Rheem website - Rheem NZ








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