Member of the Master Plumbers Association!

Member of the Master Plumbers Association! name

17 Oct 2018

Did you know we have recently become members of the Master Plumbers Association?

This membership means a lot to us as not only does it set precedence amongst fellow Plumber and Gas Fitters but it also verifies to us that Essential Plumber + Gas Ltd has built a solid foundation of quality and excellence in workmanship – something we strive for!

See not every Joe Bloggs can become a member. The Master Plumber Association do a thorough background check of workmanship, references, that your Healthy and Safety standards and systems are up to date.  Your company structure and processes are in place and comply with legal requirements and that your knowledge of the industry is top notch and current.


In New Zealand, most sanitary plumbing, gasfitting or drainlaying is 'restricted'. That means it's illegal to do it yourself because of the health and safety risks. You also risk expensive mistakes and even voiding your insurance.

As a customer, you will also attain a great deal of confidence, in knowing that you will be using a Plumber and or Gas Fitter that checks all of the above and that they are authorised to carry out the work they do.


Master Plumbers also has a 12 month Master Plumbers guarantee that provides homeowners with Advance Payment Protection and cover against Substandard Workmanship (refer to the link below for any additional information).


Essential Plumbing and Gas will receive ongoing Quality Assurance reviews which is a process that is a fundamental part of the Membership. The review considers everything from a Member business's health and safety systems to its terms and conditions of trade and employment contracts.


See our member details in the link below:

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