Kitchen trends 2018

Kitchen trends 2018 name

13 Dec 2018

Often the kitchen is the domestic heart of the home that can dictate the style arrangement and atmosphere, especially in modern design homes where there is an open plan.

In today’s blog post we take a look at on trend kitchen designs that Essential Plumbing + Gas aspire too.

Here are just a few kitchens we think deserve a mention with clever designs, use of new products and materials and encourage stepping out of your comfort zone to add that wow factor!


Patterned tiles have made a huge impression on the mainstream design market.

The classic white tile will never go out of fashion, but this year you will see versions of the tile in splash-backs paired with the flooring for a contemporary twist.


Metallic mosaic

This on trend blush and metallic mosaic tile paired with copper accents has a refined sophisticated look. 

Metallic mosaic

Minimalist Finishes + Restrained Palette make this metallic tile pop



One of the biggest trends for 2017 is here to stay but with a twist. Green adds bold, fresh tones and textures to any environment and contrasts well with most colours.  These seafoam cabinet doors will set a fresh, calm tone in your kitchen, especially when paired with raw timbers or mild shades of pink.

Gold accents

A major development for 2018! Gold accents add a sense of class and warmth - sure to make an impression.  An easy way to include gold accents in your kitchen is through your fittings; taps, sinks or handles.  You can also try pendant lights - these make a classy statement and create a satisfying focal point in your kitchen

The social kitchen

The island bench really is the heart of the kitchen and in 2018 we are seeing bigger, chunkier and more practical bench spaces.  

This earthy toned kitchen creates a calm natural environment, so what better space to draw in conversation.

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