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Sep 18

Essential Bathroom Collection  name

Essential Bathroom Collection

New bathroom - Stillwater Renovation - Parnell Alteration - Whitford Cafe Alteration - Parnell        Renovation - Ponsonby Alteration...

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Aug 18

Show-stopping bathroom faucets! name

Show-stopping bathroom faucets!

Trends are inspirational in their diversity and designers are making bold statements with interesting shapes, technological innovation and attention towards energy savings. There is plenty of fresh, fun new materials, colours and products to experiment with and tap-ware is the easiest...

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May 18

Welcome! name


Join our community as we blog about the latest trends and products on the market, insights, tips and of course humor! The Essential Plumbing + Gas Blog is also where we share stories about our latest projects and the people who contribute to making them happen. You see,...

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